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Your House-Call Doc

because Health Begins at Home

About Dr.KaTe Wong 



Have your blessing...

without sacrificing what you value most


I'm Dr.KaTe 

A sister, friend, nerd-at-heart with relentless support who chose the unconventional, traditional route devoted to helping you to become empowered women(and fathers) on how to do the same for yourself and your growing family, before-during-after birth. 

How am I different


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When others are telling you what is 

WRONG with you, 

we figure out what's going RIGHT, first.


We have the know-how you need,

to remove what's interfering with where you can be

at your fullest potential.


"You don't know how much we trust you with our health. I can't imagine our health without you."


"I can finally enjoy my baby."

Mother and Daughter Hugging

Relentless Inspiration

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As the oldest of three from an immigrant family, I learned responsibility at the age of 5 as the oldest after my parents' divorce.

I was the first-born American of my family and the first-generation to graduate from college.

My journey as a Wellness doctor began over 2 decades ago, when all my doctors could never figure out how or why I was so sickly growing up. I had stomach pains, allergies, and emotional trauma that no child should ever experience. 


 All the doctors said I was fine, but I knew that there was something off I needed to figure out and realized that there’s a root to my issues. No matter what others said, I knew deep down that if I work to heal myself, I needed to figure out what needs to be done. 



The Salutogenic lifestyle

That's when I began my search, and it was when I declined the admissions for the traditional medical school and discovered salutogenesis ("birth of health" by promoting health as opposed to the use of medications or surgery to treat or suppress symptoms or the ill effects of disease).


It just made sense. The question now is: 

'How do we create our best self to allow normal physiology to function as it needs to heal our bodies?'

Professional Training

After earning my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of San Francisco, my health paradigm shifted after working with the elderly in the Bay Area and seeing the aftermath of our elderly being "easier to handle" when they are on medications. It shifted my trajectory from being a psychiatrist to a pediatric/fertility wellness practitioner. 



I am a California Board certified Chiropractor who specializes in preconception, prenatal, perinatal, and postpartum. As life gets busy, I find that our health should not be in the back burner. That's why I offer concierge neurologically-focused chiropractic care that provides chiropractic care customized for parents and children in the aspect that works with a busy schedule.


In addition, I am Webster Technique Certified and help mothers have a comfortable pregnancy by providing alignment in the pelvis and spine best for their pregnancy needs, especially mothers who may suffer with discomfort such as pelvic pain, vertigo, pain syndromes, etc. In making sure the mother has her best pregnancy, I work closely with midwives/doulas, nutritionists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and naturopathic doctors to assure a holistic approach in the process customized for their birth.


With additional support, I also extends my services to newborns and toddlers up to five years of age to optimize child development function that may need customized care that the conventional methods don't provide. This is especially the case for mothers who may require additional postpartum care that "typical" offices may not offer. 


I had the opportunity to study with Dr. Jennifer Mercier and am listed as a worldwide Mercier Therapy Practitioner & Fertility specialist. Not only is preconception health important, so is postpartum care focusing on how to heal naturally after the birthing process.


In addition to making sure our blood flow is connect throughout our body, I also utilize the Schaefer Protocol for preconception health with my clients. I believe that healthy babies come from healthy parents, and that starts as early as when the couple decides to get married or decide to have another added bundle of joy to their family. 

From my professional experience, I discovered that this neurologic-centered holistic approach empowers parents who may be planning for any future addition(s) to the family. From her experience, she knows that by creating a healthy foundation with the least amount of interference is the best chance for success. 


My mission is to remove the obstacles that hinder the little ones through their development stages, assist the proper growth for them to become healthy adults, and facilitate the health in each woman so they can blossom as they are destined to be through each moment of motherhood. 

A doctor, sister, friend and that calming grace you've always wanted in your back pocket, 

lifting you up to help you get the life you've always dream to reach. I'll help you make it possible. Now, let's get started...

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