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Did YOU get your milestones? (Psst..Crawling is ONE)

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Growing up is difficult enough and now there are milestones?! What are milestones AND did you hit them on time when you were growing up?

You can ask your own parents (if you're an adult reading this), but likely or not I bet your own parents can barely remember those minute details. Have no fear - your 'friendly-neighborhood-doctor' is here!

This might be you...

So now you have your baby and you hear about reaching milestones and that it's bad if they skip them OR this is your very first time hearing about them. Now, if you're an avid researcher like us (#AndromedaWellness), you already know about milestones and how important it is for your child to be on time with them and not skip them (we know babies grow up oh-so-fast!).

First thing is first, milestones and what they are. Milestone is "an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development" ( Now it seems like a lot of work, but in order for your child to become a 'Superbaby' (there's Superman/Superwoman/Supergirl - why not Superbaby?) we (#Andromedawellenss) want to make sure we provide you with some evidence-based information worth your while - for your baby's sake.

There are many babies that start to crawl "cutely" or in a "funny way." Like sugar and sweets, once in a while is alright BUT if you notice these types of crawl consistently, even before your baby started to walk, we have an issue. Below are the types of crawling that should be a concern (not a laughing matter):


"Walks" on all fours with both arms and legs unbent.

[Credits to Fancy Photography/Veer]


One leg moved the usual way and the other thigh moved forward under the belly with the lower leg and foot sliding on the floor or stepping on the floor. (1)


Literally scooting forward using bum/booty and feet to destination.


Keeping their tummy against the floor as they move.

[Credits to Fancy Photography/Veer]

The types of crawl listed above do look CUTE, but definitely a concern to be brought up with your local pediatric chiropractor to assess your baby's spine and nervous system. Your doctor can assess and detect if any vertebral nerve interference hindering your baby's ability and capability for the normal Cross-crawl pattern.

Skipping grades due to intellect is one thing, BUT skipping a milestone is an important concern to figure out the reason for it before your baby develops any developmental delays or keeping him/her from being your 'Superbaby.' "Developmental surveillance is monitoring a child’s development over time to promote healthy development and identify children who may have developmental problems." (2)

Gross Motor Mobility Milestone Development (NORMAL):

BIRTH Move arms & legs WITHOUT bodily movement

2-6 MO Crawling in prone (face-down) position/ Cross-pattern

7-11 MO Creeping on hands & knees/ Cross-pattern

12-17 MO Walking with arms in primary balance role

18-35 MO Walking with arms free from balance role

36-71 MO Walking/Running in compete cross pattern

72+ MO Using leg in skilled role with dominance

**Note: Every child is unique and EACH stage is vital prior to the one following (timing may shift)

Knowledge is POWER. ACTION + KNOWLEDGE = Better Health

If you have more questions/concerns about your child or anything else regarding this post - Send me a message through this website or send a message to me thru facebook.

Stay tuned for more posts:

-Importance of Cross-crawl

-& much more!


1. Movement analysis in infancy may be useful for early diagnosis of autism

Philip Teitelbaum, Osnat Teitelbaum, Jennifer Nye, Joshua Fryman, Ralph G. Maurer

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Nov 1998, 95 (23) 13982-13987; DOI:10.1073/pnas.95.23.13982

2. Dosman, C. F., Andrews, D., & Goulden, K. J. (2012). Evidence-based milestone ages as a framework for developmental surveillance. Paediatrics & Child Health, 17(10), 561–568.

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