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Frustrated with your fussy baby? Flat head problems?

Fussy baby or babies? Was your baby born too early and/or earlier than expected? Some moms tell us that their baby was born on their due date, yet these things still happen. Well, here's the thing - it's common, but it is NOT normal.

Why isn't it normal you ask? Every other baby is fussy and it's so common to see plagiocephaly because we're suppose to have our babies sleep on their backs because of SIDS, right? You are in for a treat if you want to think different, and rebel against this common status quo of "I'm supposed to do this, right?" In a recent case study published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health Chiropractic, two twin boys were delivered prematurely at 7 months with plagiocephaly and scaphocephaly. The mother presented the boys to her chiropractor with complaints of (her boys):

-breastfeeding difficulties

-chronic reflux


-excessive crying

-presentations of plagiocephaly & scaphocephaly

Then after being under chiropractic care (from those trained to assess these types of clinical presentations), the twins' reflux ceased and their cranial symmetry had marked improvements compared when they were first brought into the office. In addition, prior to this their severity of reflux, breastfeeding difficulties, and irritability had improved!

These results are definitely on a case by case, but if it can help ease the mind for the parents that their babies are taken care of, then it is worth the time and efforts - even if it starts with a few months of care covered or not covered by insurance.

Plagiocephaly or any deformation in the baby's head is not just for looks, but it can have relational effects on development. According to the infants at the Craniofacial Center at Seattle Children's Hospital, " Asymmetry and flattening of brain structures were associated with worse developmental outcomes on the BSID-III." Fortunately, this can be prevented and taken care of by the right professionals.



Resolution Of Breastfeeding and Gastrointestinal Complaints in Infant Twins with Plagiocephaly & Scaphocephaly Following Birth Trauma: A Case Series

Brent Collett-Elizabeth Aylward-Jessica Berg-Candice Davidoff-Justin Norden-Michael Cunningham-Matthew Speltz -

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