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Unwanted Advice: "Just Relax"

Working with couples in regards to preconception, I've heard the common No-no's (not-to-say) when someone is trying to have a baby of their own. These are the ones as follow:

  • So, when are you going to have a baby?

  • Fur-babies aren't real babies

  • So who's fault is it? His or hers?

  • Don't worry it'll happen.

  • You can always adopt.

Added stress is never something I have my couples put themselves into, but sometimes these stressors are unavoidable. That's why I believe that natural fertility wellness can be something that we don't have to sacrifice our health on especially when it comes to making a healthy baby. That's why on November 20th I will be putting on a 3-day workshop to share with you on the HOW and the WHAT it means to gain that confidence for your journey.

Spaces are limited: Get on the list now to get the most updated details >>HERE<<

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