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From Preconception & Beyond

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“I should have came to Dr. Wong sooner! At 37 weeks, I was feeling so uncomfortable - after a few visits with Dr. Wong it feels like pre-pregnancy body (except for the big belly, of course).”

Pregnant mom, Age 37

Andromeda Wellness in the Bay Area offers the best house-call visit experience to help newborn babies/children, expectant moms, and couples struggling with infertility so they can get wellness support to empower them as they prepare to concieve a healthy baby.


Dr. Wong helps your body heal naturally with a peace of mind. We specialize in pediatric and pregnancy where we serve infants as young as Day 1 also serve children who may have special needs (Down syndrome, Autism spectrum, ADD/ADHD, and/or Brain-injury related conditions).


We also help mamas have their best pregnancy with neuroloimmunological and organ support in a natural way. The proof is in the results. When we can help women normalize their cycle and support natural hormone balancing when the body is in alignment. The natural solution for women who have experienced fertility challenges due to endometriosis, diminished ovarian reserve, blocked fallopian tubes, recurring miscarriage, PCOS, failed attempts such as IVF and secondary fertility issues. 

House Calls 

Safe, evidence-based wellness options 

in your Community

All families deserve access to a principled chiropractor who focuses on nervous system based care in the setting of their choice: hospital, birth center, or home. 


Too many families believe they cannot choose the right natural doctor because it's just too hard to find one that, not only gets results but uses the most advanced technology for assessments and specific adjustments, when needed. Some simply aren't aware that chiropractic and other natural care is an option for their family.


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