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All About Motherhood and Beyond

Our why is so important because it drives us on what our motivations are. As a 'New Year, New Live' I shared my purpose and what drives my motivation to work with moms all around the globe. As I cast out my annual vision casting for the 2019, my word for the year is 'Compassion.' Let's be real, life can be tough and I don't understand it (because I'm not in your shoes), but I do get it.

I'm one of those people that strive for perfection and have 20 things (ideally) I want to accomplish throughout the day, BUT we're only human and sometimes it's the ONE THING that makes us feel accomplished until we do the next.

That's why my 2019 word of intent is what it is. Feel free to share yours with me below and I love to share it with others in our >>Facebook group 'Holistic Fertility & Motherhood'<< as in order to help our community, it takes a Village. From hearing mothers and women struggling with so many issues, at the end of the video I included the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS in regards to preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum. Sometimes hearing what we CAN do about something versus what is wrong with us can benefit in more ways than one.


Dr. K

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