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SAVE TIME AND MONEY at the Grocery Store

Truth bombs here. Let me know if these relate to you:

  • Food tastes bland and your spouse or kids just don't like it either?

  • You buy the fruits/veggies and you still feel like you don't get enough support for energy and feeling full?

  • Want to get the BEST ingredients for your family and don't want to spend so much on organic?

Don't worry, love - I got you! Below is a list of 'CLEAN 15' from Environmental Working Group (EWG) 2019 series that even though it's not organic to save you the money (for now), the conventional list of fruits and veggies has LOW in pesticide residue as much as possible.

Now the other end. I rarely tell people what NOT to eat as I keep things simple with the rule of 'Farm-to-Table.' These are things to avoid when people are making your smoothies, bowls or when you're making yourself and your family.

According to EWG, "nearly 70 percent of the produce sold in the U.S. comes with pesticide residues, according to the analysis of test data from the Department of Agriculture for our 2019 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™."

Look below and let me know which produce was the most surprising to you for the list of 'DIRTY DOZEN' as it's ranked from MOST to less.

Want more great info? Continue to get more of those when you tune in to my weekly >>LIVE facebook Wellness Tips<<.

Much Love and Support,

Dr. K

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