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SIMPLE BEET TEST: Are you wasting your Whole foods/supplements?

Looking for a natural way to test your digestion without being poked or prodded AND make sure you’re absorbing your food at its maximum potential? I’ve got an a simple way for you to naturally measure your digestion rate.

Here’s what you need:

  • 2-3 Beets (organic)

  • Blender or Juicer


  • Option 1: (Wash, scrub, peel) 2-3 beets and cut into pieces. Blend/juice and drink.

  • Option 2: {Wash, scrub, peel) Cut beet in half and eat raw

Within 12-24 hours, you will get these results from the test.

Refrain from boiling due to the enzymes. The goal of this is to see how digestion is working. Pickled beets from a jar will not work because usually these are boiled, over-processed and don’t have the rich red pigment that will stand out in your toilet.

Part 1: 20-30 minutes after the beet test, digestion is working well if there’s a regular to light tint yellow urination. However, poor digestion is present if the urine has a pink coloration. Poor digestion means that stomach acid is not appropriate for the absorption that’s needed for Vitamin B12, zinc along with protein breakdown after we eat.

Part 2: Does your next bowel movement fall within the 12-24 hour time frame?

24 hours or more: Fiery red poop 24 hours or more later means you’ve got a “slow transit time,” also known as constipation—a common result of the beet test.”

12 hours or less: This is rare but this means you have great absorption in your food. However, if you’re seeing particles or pieces of food in there that indicates that you might be eating too fast and not fully chewing your meals.

There are simple ways to fix and improve digestion that I’ll talk about in our next Live SUNDAY tea-time chat in our >>FACEBOOK GROUP 'Holistic Fertility to Motherhood' <<. Catch you there and let me know what coloration results you get!

Best of love and support,

Dr. K


  • Joyous Health: Eat & Live Well Without Dieting by Joy McCarthy

  • The Bowel Movement Beet Test: How To Measure Your Digestive 'transit Time' Erika Tucker -

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