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Get the Doctor's Favorite Soup Recipe

I'm a veggie fanatic, especially if it's organic. However, you can make this soup with conventional vegetables, but just make sure you check out the 'Dirty Dozen' & 'Clean 15' List!


4 carrots chopped or 1 sweet potato cubed

2 stalks of celery roughly chopped

2 onions sliced

1 cup parsley finely chopped

1 cup of shiitake mushrooms fresh or dried (optional)

2 tomatoes, chopped (optional)

1 bulb of garlic (about 6-8 cloves) minced

1 inch of fresh ginger root

1 inch of fresh turmeric root

8 cups of water

Optional: Chili peppers or red pepper flakes


Place all the ingredients in a pot and bring to a gentle boil. Turn heat down to low and allow to simmer for about an hour. Strain and sip for a mineral rich, healing and restorative broth or leave the veggies in to enjoy as a light healing soup.

[alternative] Blend the soup so it’s smooth as an option

Best with broth and vegetables.

Personally, I am not a fan of pills (at all) but if you aren't able to take in your servings of fruits and vegetables (vitamin-rich foods) then the next option is to get 100% synthetic-free supplements. Don't know where to look? Simply send an email to : "Help, Dr. Wong! I need to get 100% SYNTHETIC-FREE, 100% GLUTEN FREE, 100% SOY/CORN FREE, 100% ORGANIC PLANTS AND FRUITS that are 100% Naturally occurring, CERTIFIED ORGANIC supplements."

I'll send you something you can use for yourself and your family. Much love and support,

Dr. K

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