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Grow Your Family Health Edition: 13 Days of Giving

So, it's that time of year again...

What’s NOT to be excited about this time of year? I get a little thrill just to see the pretty wreath on our front door.

Glistened with red and blue ornaments with 'Holy night' playing in the background. You know that chill you get from walking from the early darkened night (from daylight savings time) and that tree of yours is on because you set the timer to do so?

Exactly. What's not to thrill about with this glorious season?!


But the biggest thrill of all is the frenzy in our Facebook group as we create the first 13 days of giving health family edition or yourself.

All the info you’ll need is here and showcased everyday for 13 days in our Facebook group for the moms or mom-to-be to add a little ACTION-WORTHY addition to a healthier lifestyle. Follow the link below to join that group!

I’ll be updating regularly from each day of giving, so stay tuned to my Instagram stories as well! @drkatewongdc

Gifts?! What're you waiting for?

[Only for this holiday season]

Follow the link below to join that group!

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