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Living to 100 years...and more

A few weeks ago, I was graciously invited to my client's Red Egg & Ginger Party (>>find out more here<<). This little one is the precious little blessing who I had the opportunity to help as his mother was still carrying him in her womb.

She is one of the smartest scientists I know and I can't wait to see what an amazing little boy and man her little one will become as his parents share the knowledge with him as he grows up to be the happiest little man.

This new mom understands what life means.

She gets why it's SO IMPORTANT to let her little boy get sick so he can build his own immune system.

She understands that a mother's breast milk is customized to his needs so she makes sure she gets the best postpartum care (under my care). She knows that quality of life is worthwhile that's why she does her due diligence to make sure her baby is growing as she cuddles with him before he grows up too soon.

Few simple things you can do to make sure you're living past 100 years old at YOUR best without much assistance:

  • Get the most nutrition from your whole, organic foods and the sun

  • Hydrate with water and fruits (juicing, etc) multiple times throughout the day

  • Be kind to yourself and rest before midnight on an daily basis

If you like to know more, stay tuned to our weekly blog posts or find me on my social avenue of choice! To get the best benefits and personal attention you can find me on the >>Facebook page with weekly Lives<< or >>Follow her on INSTAGRAM<< !

Sending Love & Gratitude

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