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Fight Your 3PM Slump with more than coffee...the better alternative

It’s a love and hate relationship. We love our coffee, yet we don’t love the caffeine withdrawals. We love the purpose of energy drinks, yet we hate the jitters. There is a gentle medium that is not only Great for your Up’s for the day, but also no crashing down for the rest of that.

aka Tea Infusions

Yes. Specifically ‘Nettle Tea Infusions’ is what I will be referring to in this note. Last year I was gifted a Tea Infusion Kit, and now I would like to extend my gift to you.

#sharingiscaring (Definitely better than re-gifting!)

Nettle (aka 'Stinging nettle')

Botanical name: Urtica dioca

Here are some benefits:

  • >1000 mg Calcium

  • 15,000 IU Vitamin A

  • 760 mg of Vitamin K

  • 10% protein

  • Most B Vitamins compared to other teas

  • Help ease leg cramps and spasms for food based full of magnesium

  • Diminished pain during and after childbirth

  • Prevent hemorrhage after birth

  • reduce the likelihood of hemorroids

  • rich in protein (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals: selenium, sulfur, zinc, chromium, born)

  • kidney tonic for support

  • mild diuretic to help with edema and adrenal fatigue

Here’s the simple recipe and supplies you need:

  1. 1 Quart Mason Jar with screw-top lid

  2. 1 ounce of Nettle Tea Leaf (Organic-certified)

  3. French Press or Mason Jar Infusion Filter

  4. 3-4 organic lemon slice

  5. Local organic honey (for sweetening)


  1. (The night before) Prepare 1 ounce of Nettle Tea Leaf in strainer/french press

  2. Put strainer in mason jar and pour boiling hot filtered water directly into the tea (I typically wash my tea for quick rinse and pour the to the brim of the mason jar) into container.

  3. Cover or leave container with tea to be infused overnight (4-8 hours or up to 24 hours for deep infusions)

  4. Strain tea the next morning.

  5. Enjoy over ice with sliced lemon and honey for sweetening (optional) OR served warm

Share with us your refreshing creation!

[ For education purposes obviously, not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease]

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